About the Band

The Hollywood Death Squad is an alternative electronic rock band working out of Toronto Canada. The HDS builds upon the sounds of past great alternative electronic rock pioneers such as NIN and Depeche Mode while adding their own unique creativity in making new music that combines expansive soundscapes, driving rhythms and great songwriting.

The HDS was formed in 2008 by singer/musician Steven Comeau Upon arriving in Toronto from Halifax. There he was joined by drummer Scott Righteous and later guitarist Janos.

Since starting to play live early this year, The Hollywood Death Squad has impressed and entertained audiences with their intense stage presence and unforgettable music. Look for more in the days to come.


Steven Comeau – Vocals/Songwriting/Synths/Guitar

The Hollywood Death Squad was founded by Steven Comeau in 2008. Steven originally hails from Halifax Nova Scotia where he dropped out of art school to start one of Halifax’s first 24 track recording studios in the early 90’s. During that time he engineered or produced most of the hip hop and electronic music that came out of Halifax. He also played electronic music live at many of Halifax’s after hour clubs and parties. Steven was also a part of a group called “Groove Construction’ that had a top 10 dance chart hit around 95 called “I Can’t Wait”.

Since then Steven moved on to be a successful television and new media producer traveling the world and wining many awards including a Gemini in 2001 and “Canada’s Top 40 under 40”. Through all of it, he never lost his love for making music. During the last 10 years he has scored several TV shows and Short films as well as contributed original music to the Sony Playstation title “Nanotech Warrior”

In 2008 Steven closed up shop and moved to Toronto to make music a bigger part of his life. There he has a great warehouse living space/recording studio in Leslieville and is always looking for people to collaborate with in making new music or producing/remixing what others may have.



Scott Righteous – Drums/Programming

“Scott Righteous has been composing music under the name Bitter Harvest since 1987. Early recordings were mostly experimental and industrial in nature. Sometimes loose and ambient, other times structured and rhythmic. This material has been sporadically released on a variety of compilations.
Bitter Harvest developed over the years into a more specific and distinct sound which was showcased on the 1997 release; “Ritual Music For Broken Magick’. This CD received international distribution, and positive reviews followed.

While Bitter Harvest is something he usually works on alone, Scott has worked with other people on their projects usually lending his skills as a drummer.
Here is a quick look at some of the better known projects he has been involved in over the years;In the late 80′s (and less frequently in the early ’90′s) he played drums in the noise terrorist band ‘PHYCUS’. Phycus was on the cutting edge of fusing elements of noise, Neoism, choas theory and raw meat into a unique ‘musical’ experience.In the early 90′s he (briefly) played drums for the father of Neoism; Monty Cantsin.In the mid 90′s he played drums in the Toronto based ‘Devoured’, a funk/techno/lounge/dub/-pop band fronted by Dave Howard of the ‘Dave Howard Singers’ fame.

Other groups he has participated in include: The Urban Refuse Group, Digital Poodle, and more recently The Hollywood Death Squad.”


Janos – Guitars

Janos has been a respected and accomplished part of the Toronto Music scene for over 15 years having spent many an hour in the studio and on stage with a long list of Toronto’s finest musicians.”